Jenny Bradley College Scholarship

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Please note: Starting in 2019, we will begin offering the Jenny Bradley College Scholarship every other year. The next scholarship we award will be in 2021. It will be open to both juniors and seniors in high school. 

The Day Dreams Foundation Jenny Bradley College Scholarship will be awarded each year to a high school junior or senior in Columbia that has been impacted by extracurriculars. The scholarship is named for Jenny Bradley, a pre-school teacher and the mother of Day Dreams Foundation Founder, Joe Bradley.


  • One $1,500 scholarship (paid out as $750 each semester)
  • Scholarship may be renewed for seven more consecutive semesters, for a total of eight semesters.  If you have to withdraw from school for a semester, you will be eligible to renew your scholarship the next semester, however the $750 from the semester you were not in classes will not be applied to future semesters.
  • Must maintain a 2.5 semester GPA and be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours.


  • Columbia, Missouri high school junior or senior
  • Must have participated in an extracurricular in high school for at least two years
  • Accepted into two or four-year college/university (verification required)
  • Applicants with financial need and those involved in volunteer work will be given strong consideration


  • Filled out paper application
  • 250-word minimum essay answering the following prompt: How have you been positively impacted by your participation in extracurricular activities and how do you think those activities have prepared you for your future?
  • One or two letters of recommendation from a non-family member


Download the PDF application HERE  or apply online HERE. 2021 applications are due April 9. Submit applications, essays and letters to or mail to 200 E. Walnut St. #4, Columbia, MO 65203.


If you would like to make a donation to the college scholarship fund, please CLICK HERE.


2016 — Jazmyn Youngblood, Battle High School, Columbia College

2017 — Ben Peng, Battle High School, Westminster College

2019 — Tyler Wilson, Central Methodist University

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