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About Day Dreams Foundation Scholarships

Applications may be submitted for scholarships for a wide variety of extracurricular activities, from sports leagues, to summer camps, to dance lessons. You may also apply for funding for equipment (uniforms, shoes, items, etc.) that the child will need to participate in the activity. The maximum amount of funding available per child, per calendar year is $500. This will reset on January 1. That includes any funding requested for equipment. Please submit applications and have the child’s letter of recommendation sent in AT LEAST two weeks prior to the date the requested funds are due by. If approved, a board member will then setup a meeting with the family (parent AND child) at our office (200 E. Walnut St. #4) to go over our agreement, photo waiver and present you with the scholarship funds.


1. Child must be age 5 to 18 and enrolled in K-12 school. 

2. Child must qualify for the free OR reduced lunch program at school. (NOTE: Due to COVID-19, through June 2021, we will accept applications from families who have been financially impacted by the virus, but do not qualify for free or reduced lunch).

3. Family must live in the Columbia school district.

Application Requirements

  • Fill out the application, available to download HERE. Also available to fill out online HERE.
  • Provide at least ONE letter of recommendation for the child from a non-family member. The best letters typically come from teachers, coaches, counsellors, school administrators, case workers, etc. This can be submitted by mail or email to
  • Copy of letter/form from the child’s school indicating child qualifies for free or reduced lunch at school. Or you can provide proof of all family income. This can be submitted by mail or email to If you need to request a new letter, please contact CPS Nutrition Services at (573) 214-3480 or

Other Requirements

If application is approved, parent/guardian will need to provide the following at a meeting with a Day Dreams Foundation representative:

  • Copy of birth certificate or any form listing the child’s date of birth to verify age.

Community Service

Children in the program are expected to get involved in the community while they are on scholarship. Opportunities will be made available by the Day Dreams Foundation, or the child can choose their own service project. This can be either through a non-profit organization, or something as simple as raking leaves for a neighbor.

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