Small Grant Application for Schools and Local Nonprofit Organizations

Grant Awards: Applicants may request grant funding between $50 to $500 to support an extracurricular club or program available to students at a school within the CPS School District (Columbia, Missouri) OR an IRS-Registered 501(c)(3) organization serving the Columbia, Missouri area.  Several grants may be funded each calendar year, subject to funding availability.

Clubs/Programs that receive a grant are requested to provide a one-page follow-up report by July 15 following the close of the school year.

Deadline: Applications may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Applying for a grant does not guarantee funding, nor funding in the full amount requested.

Eligibility: School clubs/programs must be openly available to any student currently enrolled at the school in the appropriate grade level(s). The club/program must be held on school grounds or within walking distance, or transportation must be available to students at no cost. Newly proposed clubs/programs should already have approval from appropriate administrators before applying for this grant. Charitable organizations that are applying will be asked to show that they are an IRS-Registered 501(c)(3) entity.

How to Apply: Send completed cover sheet (DOWNLOAD) and grant request (Sections 1-3, completed) to Day Dreams Foundation, 1 E Broadway STE C, Columbia, MO 65203 or via email to

Applications should be no longer than 4 pages in total (including cover and budget proposal).

Application Sections:

    1. About the Club/Program – Please give a general description of the club/program including proposed name/title, where and how often the activity will be held, and what students you are seeking to engage in this activity.
    2. Goals and Objectives – State the overall goals and objectives for the club/program. What projects do you hope to complete with the students and how will the projects benefit the students and/or others in the community?  How will evaluate your success at the completion of the school year?
    3. Financial Information and Budget Proposal
      1. Provide a detailed list/spreadsheet of all materials and costs to illustrate how the grant money will be used. Include links to supply companies/service providers if possible.
      2. If the total cost for the club/program exceeds your grant request, describe how additional costs will be paid (i.e., PTA contribution, dues collected from students, personal contribution, etc.).
      3. Do you require the full amount of funding from this grant in order to proceed? If not, please list the minimum amount required, and how the difference will be handled (do without, fundraising, etc.).

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