Big News — We’re Opening an Office!

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For a few months now, it’s been a hobby of mine to browse Craigslist and other sites from time to time, seeing if an amazing deal on great office space for the Day Dreams Foundation ever catches my eye. Well – a few weeks ago I found something! I went and checked it out, and the space was absolutely perfect for what we needed.

So, with that being said… on May 15, we will be moving into a permanent office space located at 200 E. Walnut #4, in the basement of the Mid America Mortgage building! The building is highly visible at the corner of Walnut and Providence, right next to Olive Cafe and across from Central Bank of Boone County. The office space is 588 square feet, with a board room, two offices and copy room. It even came with the board room table, chairs, desks and file cabinets that we needed! It was truly an opportunity too good to pass up. We will be able to place a sign in the window next to the side entrance to our office, off Walnut, which will increase our visibility in the community.

More than anything though, this office space will allow us to meet with families to award scholarships and go over our scholarship expectations and ground rules in a more private setting (rather than at the library). The central location in the city will be easily accessible for our families and they will be able to drop off applications and other forms in person. This office will also provide our board members and volunteers a central space to work and meet. In the near future, we would also like to bring on some interns, so they can also have work space here. This will also allow us storage space for our growing collection of fundraiser-related supplies and t-shirts.

This is truly a game changer for our organization. In the beginning, the office will likely be open less than 15 hours per week, but that may grow with time as our organization continues to grow. We will update you once those hours are finalized. We will also likely be changing phone numbers to a landline office phone (rather than calls routed to my personal cell phone).

Thank you to everyone who made this big step forward possible. We are so excited! Hopefully we can have you all by for an open house soon.

All my best,

Joe Bradley, Founder and President


We’re Official!

Today, the Day Dreams Foundation received word from the State of Missouri that we are officially incorporated as a nonprofit corporation. Our next step will be to apply for our tax-exempt status through the IRS. We’re hoping to raise the $850 application fee in the coming weeks. We also had our annual meeting and elected our Officers and Board of Directors. They are listed below. We’re so excited about this new venture!

Day Dreams Foundation Officers:

President and Treasurer: Joe Bradley

Vice President: Victor Tran

Secretary: Ellen Huch

Board Members:

Elly Lang

Mallory Lang

Justin Light

Marcus Williams

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