This past week, we awarded a scholarship to Tyrik Smith so he can play football with the Columbia Youth Football League. Tyrik is 8 years old but he’s already racing his way to the top in math class (which is his favorite subject in school!) And when we say racing, we mean that because Tyrik is fast! At tryouts last week, the coaches told him he was one of the fastest runners so he’s hoping to be a running back when he starts playing! “I want to play football because it’s fun. You get to run and I like running. I am excited to learn new footwork and new plays.”

We are so excited that Tyrik is ready to hit the ground running not only in football but in school and the community. He wants to help people learn new things and work on his math skills! Plus, he said he’s going to try to eat more veggies and drink a lot of water in the next few months. That should definitely help him put on that burst of speed! Congratulations, Tyrik, we are so excited to have you as a Day Dreams kid!



Taira Meadowcroft

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