AubreeKingWe awarded Aubree a gymnastics scholarship. Aubree likes gymnastics because she likes spending time with her friends and of course, she loves learning about gymnastics. Her next big gymnastics goal is to learn how to do a cartwheel on the balance beam. What a big goal!

Aubree’s favorite colors are purple and black, and her favorite subjects in school are math and science. Both will be helpful when she either becomes an artist or a vet when she grows up. Her role model is her oldest sister, and they both sure can be silly together. We asked Aubree what was something special about her, and she said playing pranks. After meeting Aubree this is definitely true because my purse mysteriously went missing as part of one of her pranks.

Aubree will do wonderfully in gymnastics, and we know she’ll always keep things entertaining for those around her.


Taira Meadowcroft

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