Isaac — Age 6

Isaac copyOn Monday, Day Dreams awarded a scholarship to Isaac so he can take piano lessons! Isaac is 6 and has three younger siblings who he can’t wait to play the piano for!

So far he knows the Darth Vader theme song (his mom taught him!) but now he’s hoping to learn some other themes, specifically the Avenger’s movie theme song. Speaking of the Avengers – watching the first movie is one of his favorite things to do (but he said he doesn’t watch the scary parts) and he likes to watch Arizona basketball because his family recently moved here from there.

Isaac is an active 2nd grader who’s favorite subject in school is P.E. His favorite colors are red and blue and he made sure to write his name on the Day Dreams blackboard in both colors!!

We are so excited to be able to help Isaac achieve his dream of playing the piano when he grows up and we can’t wait to hear him play the Avengers song!




  1. Sally Roberts | January 25, 2017 at 4:02 pm

    This is a wonderful organization! Since My daughter and family live in Columbia, this has become one of my favorite organizations. Do you know if there is a similar organization in the Kansas City
    area? Sally Roberts

    • daydreamscomo | January 25, 2017 at 4:11 pm

      Thanks Sally! We appreciate your support. So far as we can find, there is nothing all that similar to the Day Dreams Foundation in Kansas City, or most cities. There are a few scholarship funds in Kansas City that support extracurriculars for specific activities, students from specific schools, specific age ranges, etc.


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