Maria (age 6) and Marcus (age 9)



Maria: 6 year-old Maria is quick to give an inviting smile and show off her self-taught gymnastics skills. “That was a well executed hand-stand! Who taught you that??” Maria: “…myself!” After putting on her new Day Dreams t-shirt, Maria struck a quick pose and was right away back to hand-stands and cartwheels. Maria’s scholarship will allow her to participate in a tumbling class at Flipz USA! This class will help build a foundation for her to become a future cheerleader. Maria is especially excited to pick out her first leotard! From the performance she gave me, it’s clear Maria will be an excellent fit in her new tumbling class. Welcome to the Day Dreams team!

Marcus: Meet 9 year-old Marcus! Always wanting to be the fastest runner, aiming for plenty of goals, and ultimately to be like his father, Marcus is an aspiring soccer star! When he is old enough, Marcus hopes to play on the same team as his father. On a typical weeknight Marcus can be found giving it his all on the indoor soccer court, and continues even after the game with some kicking practice with his father. Described by his teachers as an encouraging and hard working student, Marcus especially enjoys art, reading, and physical education. Marcus’ dreams don’t stop on the soccer field! His ultimate goal is to “become a soldier in the Army!” A person doesn’t have to know Marcus for long to see that he will put his Day Dreams scholarship to great use, spreading positive energy and making those goals!



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