Day Dreams Kids: Kaiden and Ashley


Congratulations to two of our new scholarship winners, Kaiden and Ashley!

Kaiden, 8, was awarded a scholarship to play for Sporting Columbia SC as well as a gift card to purchase shoes and shin guards. According to Kaiden’s letter of recommendation, he is “well-liked by his peers and a true team player” as well as “a ver appreciative young man.”  We’re confident Kaiden is going to give his best on the field and in the classroom!

Ashley, 13, was awarded a scholarship to continue classes over the summer at Missouri Contemporary Ballet. Ashley is part of the First Position Dance Group with Boys and Girls Club of Columbia Missouri during the school year. According to her letter of recommendation, Ashley  “is a beautiful dancer that is quick to catch on. We often call her the Choreography Queen because can pick it up so very quickly… She is talented and is on my short list of girls that I believe could pursue dance within higher education.”



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