Trivia Night Recap


On Thursday night, the Day Dreams Foundation hosted our first public event and fundraiser, a Trivia Night at Columbia Country Club. When our board of directors began planning this trivia night in late October, we figured we could get enough of our friends in the door to raise a few hundred dollars. As I looked out on the packed ballroom of people Thursday night, the most encouraging sight to see was that I only recognized about half the faces in the room. In just a little more than two months, the word about our organization and trivia night had spread far enough to fill a room. Friends drove in from St. Louis just to support our cause. By the end of the night, after paying for our expenses, we had brought in north of $2,500 for the Day Dreams Foundation. It was almost overwhelming and I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud to be a part of something.

The Trivia Night consisted of 10 categories with 10 questions each. Topics ranged from kids’ movies and books to Missouri sports and logos. The winning team was “Fat People are Harder to Kidnap” led by our good friend Scott Evans who has MC’d the trivia nights at Quinton’s for the past two years. They chose the Shakespearience for eight as their prize. In second place was “Team Ellen Rocks” made up of several staff members at the St. Thomas More Newman Center. They won a VIP Tour and Tasting for 10 and eight bottles of wine from Les Bourgeois Vineyards. Liz Raine was the winner of the Heads/Tails game and took home a $50 Shakespeare’s Pizza gift certificate and t-shirt. Board member Kelley Burns won the 50/50 raffle and generously donated the $140 prize back to the foundation.

A special thanks goes out to the companies who sponsored a round: Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy (2 rounds), Veteran’s United, St. Thomas More Newman Center and the Order of Dominicans. Also, thank you to the following businesses/individuals/organizations for donating prizes and/or silent auction items: Shakespeare’s Pizza, Les Bourgeois Vineyards, Columbia Country Club, Mo X, Plume, Missouri River Wine Trail, Socket, Gunter Hans, Missouri Bacon and Bourbon Festival, Canvas on Broadway, Randy and Meg Lang, and Kaye Huch. Finally, thank you to our amazing board of directors who worked incredibly hard to make the trivia night possible.

With the money we raised, the Day Dreams Foundation is excited to get to work now getting our applications for scholarships into the hands of the kids who need it. As fun as it is to bring in money, we can’t wait to give it away! If you know of a child you think would qualify for one of our scholarship, please let them know about the Day Dreams Foundation. Thank you again to everyone who made our first fundraiser such a success!

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